[NEWS] “Beast Idols” 2PM’s First Appearance on “Ontama”!

Posted: May 10, 2011 by Appy in Kpop

[NEWS] “Beast Idols” 2PM’s First Appearance on “Ontama”!



TV Asahi’s music program “Ontama,” which airs late at night Monday through Friday every week, will have the “Beast Idols” from the K-POP world, 2PM, appear for the first time on May 16 (Mon) through May 20 (Fri). The boys, whose Japan debut single “Take off” will go on sale May 18 (Wed) and who are currently studying Japanese, made an explosion with their uproarious talk.

The program features one artist each week, and various themes are talked about. The artists are asked to reveal an unknown side of themselves, and there is a daily special ranking news released about CD single ranking and such. March 9th (Mon) is the week of Perfume’s appearance.

2PM is comprised of 6 members who are 21 to 22 years old: Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, Junsu, Chansung. May 8th (Sun) is the start of their first Japan tour ‘1st Japan Tour 2011 “Take off”‘ that they prepared for their Japan arrival. They replied in basic Japanese to questions like “What is something you were told that left an impression on you?” and “What do you want most right now?” Although there were some interesting answers they came up with as well, they admirably sailed through with their “beast smiles” and powerful team play.

Furthermore, since the set is approximately 4½ tatami mats for 6 robust men, the staff struggled to get the 6 of them situated. All of the members are “momzzang” (= owners of beautiful well-trained bodies) beasts, and left a “beast legend” since the camera had to be placed horizontally since their shoulders were colliding due to the arrangement of the seats.

When the 6 were done with the recording, they commented “It was nerve-wracking but fun,” with refreshed facial expressions. With a smile, Taecyeon added in Japanese, “It was difficult but we tried our best,” while Nichkhun sent a message to his fans. “Although some of the Japanese was incorrect, please forgive us. We’ll make sure to keep studying Japanese more and more, so please anticipate it.”

– Perfume = Japanese female idol group.
– The ages are not a translation error, they were written wrong in the article.
– 4½ tatami mats = Japanese often measure the size of a room by tatami mats. The measurements of a room that is 4½ tatami mats is around 9′ x 9’.]

Source: Walkerplus
Translated by: dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.org


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