[INFO] Dalmatian’s 1st Mini Album Thanks To @Dalmation (trans)

Posted: May 10, 2011 by Appy in Kpop

[INFO] Dalmatian’s 1st Mini Album Thanks To @Dalmation (trans)




Ever since I came to this place, the pain and frustration that comes as nothing in life comes easy up to today…also, the countless bad and good moments that made me feel love is all a memory I remember. I’m thankful that I’m given another chance and having a new heart & feeling happiness in even becoming the leader of Dalmatian.When I was hurting, in difficulty, and wanting to give up, my family who always prayed for me! Dad, mom, hyung, Hanna. Seeing you guys gives me strength and the strength & prayers you give me, I’m receiving them well^^

Captain Mong…you’re my family, hyung. In giving someone like me with nothing another chance, as well as raising me up when I fell in despair, thank you so much~ Whatever anyone says, you’re an amazing person~ Sung Hoon hyung! I’m so happy that you’re well off as a producer now. Hyung who always works hard and has a kind heart, continue to watch over that spot~ Geun Suh hyung! I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you a call ㅠㅠ Finally our album came out. I miss you.

Young Ro hyung! I think it’s been around 10 years since I’ve known you. When I first met you, you didn’t even have white hair ㅠㅠ Always stay strong and healthy! CEO Son Hoon Soo-nim! Executive Son Hoon Sang-nim! We’ll work hard~ Thank you. Our ddoong-dding (fatty) that I’ve known for 10 years now [*T/N: This is Kim Minjung, one of the ISENTER staff]! When I was sick, I saw our ddoong-dding first…thank you nuna~ Jae Seob hyung who works hard for us; I love you. Hoon Suk-ah, I heard you were getting married in a few months. Congratulations. Yong Hwan-ah, you do a lot for us. Yong Uk-ah, your pronunciation…hwaiting! The managers of our company~ You all work very hard~~ Il Kwon hyung! I can’t forget you, hyung. Seung Soon-ah, please don’t frighten us. Even if you don’t, we listen well~~ Jang Geun-ah! You’re a good guy, but also a really funny one..you do really well…this is our year. Chul Ho who is like a gem to us! We’ll work hard on stage in making you the best producer! We already know you always do a lot for us! Man! Song Hye Ran! We really have a sticky relationship. Nuna, I know you do a lot for us behind-the-scenes, and thank you so much^^ Guseul, I’m always thankful and an amazing present, okie? Hyun Sook-ssi, Jung Shim-ssi, thank you all^^ Jae Yong hyung who endured a lot in teaching a guy that couldn’t even be on beat even once over the years~ Again, we make you work with Dalmatian’s choreography. I’m always thankful~ Photographer Kim Jae Won-nim who shows Dalmatian for all their loyalty. The Studio J family and producer Joo Soo Hyun-nim who is the master of all music videos! It’s really an honor to meet you~ The staff of Red Carpet and Director Kang Ho! Thank you all very much. Director Ikama [*T/N: I probably spelled this wrong]! The album jacket photos for the album are daebak~ Hyunseung hyung~ What are you up to lately to the point where you don’t call anymore? Hyung Seob hyung, practice your dancing some more~ Kyu Jin hyung dances well^^ Jin Won hyung, what are you up to lately? Also, where is Jong Ho hyung? Teacher Wan Soo, thank you very much ^^ Also, you know, teacher Jae Hong; thank you, thank you! Seung Ho hyung who is watching me wherever he is! I have a lot to say…wherever you are, I hope you’re healthy and happy. See you soon…hwaiting^^

My friends…Yong Soo-ya, stop with the Shinchun now! Eun Hyuk-ah, continue making your awesome clothes, Hyun Jin-ah, stop with your lying now, Joong Hyun-ah, smile more, you looked better in your younger days. Do Young, one of my first friends to get married: it’s tough, huh? Keke. Yong-ah, your dad didn’t send you to study abroad without a reason, so it’s time to stop having fun now. Ddooroo-ya, focus and don’t think about bluffing. Young Kwon-ah, alcohol…alcohol…it’s time you really quit now. Ho Yoon-ah, you’re an amazing friend, but take care of Ho Jik hyung~ Seok Yoo-ah, don’t be mischievous and rebel. Seung Min-ah, someone find our Seung Min. Hyuk Ho hyung, congratulations on your wedding^^ Kyung Ryul-ah, let’s bribe Hyuk Ho hyung keke.

Gary hyungnim, Songpa Family^^ Hyung, start working out again! Haha hyung! It’s been 10 years since I’ve known you ㅠㅠ Thank you for always helping! Drumming and head-butting Hoony hyung! The hyungnims and dongsengs working out at Cross Fit^^ H-Eugene hyung, let’s become daebak, Doobang Doobang Gogo, Dahye, let’s hold out a little longer and a good day will come, Kwang Il-ah, there’s a car coming so wait, Ji Yoon-ah, hyung wrote you in here ^^ S Class, rap star In Chan hyung, Nam Hoon hyung, blowfish Lee Yoo Jung, Hae Ree-ya ke. Lee Moon Ah, hwaiting!! Woo Jae-ya, are you writing the song well? Tell aunt to kill her temper, please~ Ludiya, my dongseng and friend, thanks Go Eun for everything~ Red pig Bo Ram, work ahrd^^ Kyung Sik-ah, hyung is going to call you soon.

Aside from these people I may have forgotten because I’m dumb and I was in a rush to write this, thank you all very much.
Lastly, the important people in thanks to’s! All the Dalmates…thank you very much and this isn’t faking anything that I as well as Dalmatian exist because of all of you. I will effectively play my role as Dalmatian’s leader well in returning the caring love from you all. Always and honestly I am grateful…

Day Day

First Thanks To Jesus Christ Whose Done Doing who I am to be a better man and a better Christian Day by Day. My mom and dad who never forget a day to pray for me, every day and worry for me. I’ve thankful and sorry, and I love you always. For 28 years, my friends, acquaintances, and relatives that have been a thankful figure in my life, shout out here we go!!Dalmatian Inati hyung, Dari, Jeesu, Daniel, Youngwon (Right now is the re~al beginning!). Let’s all fighting together…

Also, my other “family,” Mong hyung who gave me a “second chance,” CEO Son-nim, Executive Young Ro-nim, Exceutive Son! Jang Geun hyung, Min Jung nuna, Jae Seob hyung, Seung Soon, Hoon Suk hyung, Yong Hwan and Yong Uk, Sung Eun, Jin Ah, Kang Min, and the rest of Monkey Funch and IS family members, you all work very hard. Anticipate Dalmatian in 2011.

Wawa dancer hyungs and dongsengs Jae Yong hyung, Kyu Jin hyung. Hyung Seob hyung, Jung Seob, Jae Woo, So Hyun, Young Sun, and Jang Jun Ho hyung (my founder) who opened this road for me. Kim Kun Woo hyung, mad soul child hyungs, Brian Kim hyung, Ryu Hyung Seob hyung, Kwon Tae Eun hyung, Shin Sadong Tiger, Rado, Woo Jae hyung, Nam Hoon hyung, Rhymer hyung, Kim Woo Hyun, Jim Do Hyun hyung (M.A.R.S. forever!), Jo Young Soo-nim, Ahn Young Min hyung, Oh Sung Hoon hyung…and all the producers who included me, thank you very much.

GOOD Family who welcomed me as a family, Kang Bong Koo hyung (We’ll always be together!), Battle dongsengs, G.NA, Yoo Bin, Yoo Jin, Ji Won, Hyo Sung, DSP family, Hyo Ri nuna (I was happy in being able to stand on stage together and I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to do better, but thank you for always looking out for me and I love you~^^). SS501 dongsengs, Seob hyung, Hong Kwan hyung, all the JYP staff and the trainee recruiting team, Ji Hyung-ssi and the ones I taught: Jay, Tek, Khun, Woo Young, Jun Ho, Jun Su, Chan Sung, Hye Rim, Fei, Mung Jia, Hye Ryung, Jung Hwa, Hyo Jung, Ji Eun, Yoo Ji, Hyuna, and all the trainees~ I’m not sure how much of a help I was, but thank you for giving me the experience and memories I’ll never forget~^^

Soul Star who I worked with and included me in a lot of things, Fly to the Sky hyungs, KCM Chang Mo hyung, Jang Woo Hyuk hyung, Hwee Sung sunbaenim, Uhm Jung Hwa sunbaenim, Byul sunbaenim, Son Dam Bi sunbaenim, Ivy sunbaenim, Mang Jina, pretty Wonder Girls dongsengs, awesome 2PM dongsengs, Tae Jin Ah grand-sunbaenim, and all the singer sunbaenims, it’s a really great honor! Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity in taking each step as a musician~

Director Oh Young Jin and the s clinic family, SL Optometry’s director and staff, LaMar family, Red Carpet’s director and the rest of the family who do our hair and makeup, M athletic square, Sky hyung, Plus EV Otolaryngology Clinic’s director and staff members, Kyung Sik, Hye Ran nuna, Guseul, Jung Sim, Hyun Sook nuna, Producer Jo Soo Hyun, photographer Kim Jae Won hyungnim, Covered Wagon PreschoolIva Mears Elementary, Nam Ga Joo Korean School, classmates, teachers, friends, neighbors from Garden Groce, International Christian School (Y.I.S.S.)~ thank you for helping me not forget the Word of God. My middle school friends, dongsengs, hyungs and nunas: Ted, Chris, Nick, Eugene, Thang Thang! Sungmi, Helen, Izabel, Eunice, Jeana, Bill (DnA, thank u) aLeX, Lee Keul hyung, abujabu Jae, Jinny nuna, Sang Uhn hyung, Jae Kyung, Won Jae hyung, Wookie hyung, Junho hyung who always takes care of me, Jooho hyung (j.o.e., let’s collabo again sometime) Charlene:), Sor Ha nuna, Jamie hyung, Mi Hyun nuna, Oh Yoo Mi, Irene, Marble hung, Hammer hyung, Woongie hyung, Bang Ja hyung, Kkwal La hung, thu Jin, Na, Jihyun, Chin hyung, Club Circle’s CEO, staff, & bartender hyungs, JC hyung, Chul Hee hyung, Eung Chun hyung, Kwang Il, Soon Il hyung, Dorothy, Cece, athlete Lee Dong Joon, Chris-Dae-Kober, Myung Hae nuna, imdastyle, bartender Peter hyung, Dano hyung, U.D.T., Windy, Pitch Seung Hee, Seo Hee, Eun bi, Suho, Yeon Soo, Kyu Shik, Tae Kyung, Kyung Gon hyung, Yoon Kyung ^^, Bang Jung Min hyung, Myung Hoon hyung, Kyu Won hyung, zakkul Kyung Shik hyung, MJ Myung Joon hyung, Hoony hyung, Prime hyung, Gordo, supacool Jung Hwan hyung, Young Kali, Sung Woong hyung, Joo Myung, Jacob, and Dj Fletcher (my best friend, hyung, brother from another mother, luv u bro)

And lastly, Dalmates, Dalmination, Dalmatian fans overseas all over the world, this is for you. I love you^^
For a long while, we’ve worked hard but now is our beginning. Now watch me do me.


I give thanks to the Lord my Father first! Deacon Lee Jong Hee wh always prays for me every morning…
My mom that I love the most! My father who is like a tiger, CEO Lee Chang Woo, my dad, who doesn’t express his feelings much but thinks of me as hope and prays for me! My eldest sister Jisu nuna and eldest brother-in-law who are in Japan with my nieces Ye Ji and Ye Sung, my second oldest sister Na Young nuna along with my 2nd brother-in-law and my nephew Keon and Kang, and my 3rd oldest sister Soo Kyung nuna with my 3rd brother-in-law and my nephew Dong Wook. My one blood familia hallelujah!IS ENT’s representatives Yoon Young Ro, Son Hoon Sang, I will work hard! Boss who gave me the opportunity for my 2nd golden age! Captain Mong holla~ I LOVE U M.F. Big mama, who always treates me well, gives me allowance secretly, and takes my side, our Minjung nuna~, Jae Seob hyung who watches outside events with an eagle’s eye! Hoon Seok hyung who seems trustworthy! Yong Hwan hyung who is dependable, Sang Eun hyung who is genial, my friend Yong Uk who says my rap is the best, strong Kang Min, Aunt Seung Soon nuna who takes care of me well! And all the IS ENT staff members~ Thank you always.

Wdup! Wawa soul bro, Jay Boss Jae Yong hyung, Kyu Jin hyung, Hyung Seob hyung, ong Ho hyung, Jin Won hyung, Il Sun, Jae Woo, Jung Seob, and Big sis Hye Ran nuna who makes us into a fashion star, Hyun Sook nuna who wipes away our sweat friendlily, cute Guseul A.K.A. Bell who is a dongseng but takes care of us like a nuna, Jung Shim who spends a lot of time making accessories – thank you!! Red Carpet’s director Kang Ho who makes our hair the best and prettiest as well as the other staff members, thank you. Producer Jo Soo Hyun who makes the best music video…sorry for the troublesome we’ve caused you^^ Sorry for disappointing you ㅠㅠ, and photographer Kim Jae Won who makes us into the utmost charismatic image! Ikima album jacket jjang! Thank you to all the staff who helped in this album and you all worked hard.^^

Reverend Sin Tae and Madam, Reverend Park Ho Bum, Kwang Nam Church and the apostles who all prayed for one common thing during morning prayer. Zdup swag mah homie Ji Yoon, Best Boram, eagle Dae Sun, dog poop philosophy Hyung Joon hung, Kwang Myung-si hyungs Wdup! My friend Rae Joon hyung, tank Jung Min hyung, kid Dong Hoon hyung, jjang Jun Hyung hyung, poop Kyung Jin hung, aiiiite?!!! Korean totem pole Seung Hyun hyung, pretty Hun Mo hyung, lettuce Sae Ho hyung, tattooist Choon Gyu, childhood friend Chan Shik, dumber Hong Jin, god Hyo Jin, tough guy Doo Jin, robot Seok Chan, sea squirt Sohl Kyu, uljjang Sung Jae, shinaeru [T/N: term used in pool] Sung Ik, Seoul Gongku fam Wdup! Leader Jae Kyu, crazy Dong Hoon, good-for-nothing Seok Chul, wild Ki Won, fastidious Sun Jin, Sanchok Kwang Ho, jossaeng Sung Young, short-tempered Sang Min, angel Jong Pyo hyung, monster Joon Hyun hyung, flour Jong Chul, top Sun Bum, psycho 1/2 Jun Ho, Ki Ho, Ki Sung who changed his name from Gae Chun, rich boy Seung Jae, and punk Jong Hwan.

Wdup! Ye Won’s professor Jeon Yoo sung, professor Lee Young Ja, professor Yoo Rok Shik, professor Ko Kwang Mo, my classmates in class of 03 along with jerk Jin Young hyung, Dae Gu hyung who lives in Iksan, Jae Woo hyung from 1st year Homeroom 3, Jang Hwan, MC In Ho, grasshopper Ik Hyun, orange Hwae Kyung, Woo Yong who knows he’s not alone, comedian Shin Young nuna who is doing well, cheap Hyun Joo Village’s Hyun Joo nuna, spunky Bit Na ra, Jung Im who was like Yoo Kwan Soon nuna, piggy bank Ji Hye, ingenuous beauty Woo Ri, Driver Kim Chul Min, Kyu Bak who was well off in Ahn Yang, Gook Jin who is on a roll, Yoon Tae who acts cute, aiiiiiet?!!!!

Also, Il Kwon hyung who says good things only, simon Jun Ho, IMDASTYLE Dahye, Jia, Sharon, and magnae Bbangku who only think of hyungs aiiiiiite?!!!
Elder and Deacon Hak On Dong who treated me well as if I was her grandson, teacher Seol Young Joo from kindergarten who I remember clearly, teacher Seol Eun Joo, Ji Yoon’s mother who always treated me like her son, composer Gae Hyuk hyung, Ray, Yammo, ycho Star, aiiiiite?!!!

Fans who give love to Dalmatian without any restraint…we give our first album to you.


First off, I thank God for everything!
My loving family…
My father who is alone working and separated from our family in China for work…I’m trying to live efficiently in the same mindset as you, father. Thank you!!! Mother who feels burdened in not being able to cook delicious food for me when I go home, I love you. Nuna who would give me IV at the hospital when I’m sick and give me allowance. Thank you so much!!! My relatives who I don’t get to see often, but support me from fat away; thank you all very much!Always thankful for Mong hyung who gave us the opportunity to live a new life and I love you. Representative Son Hoon Sang who always puts Dalmatian forth! We’ll work hard and make the company daebak.^^ Representative Young Ro who always makes the effort for Dalmatian’s schedules! We wull become the best and make you proud~~ Thank you very much Min Jung nuna who uses the art of marketing and makes delicious food for us! IS’s power manager army Jae Seob hyung, Hoon Suk hyung, Hong Suk hyung, Yong Hwan hyung, Kang Min hyung, and the nation hyung, our manager hyungs, you are the best! And Yong Uk hyung who always works hard! Let’s live and die together!!! Seung Soon nuna who always monitors us and bought us samgyupsal, Jin Ah nuna of the finance team and Kyung Ah nuna, thank you for always enduring through a lot for us. Team leader Jang Jae Hoon of the performance team along with boss Jang Hyo Kim and Hye Jin nuna; we can have a concert also, right? Da Hye nuna who took care of me like a younger sibling, Hoony Hoon hyung, thank you! Seniors SG Wannabe, Min Kyung Hoon, look out for Dalmatian please~

Janggeun hyung who gives us good advice and pushed me forth by just listening to voice during auditions, thank you! Our composer Chul Ho hyung! Thank you always for working hard in writing good songs! WAWA hyungs who make Dalmatian’s artistic choreography!! Jae Yong hyung, Hyung Seob hyung, Kyu Jin hyung, Ilsun hyung, Jae Woo hyung, Jung Seob hyung, thank you very much! Stylist Song Hye Ran who is spending nights working in Dong Dae Mun in creating the best outfits to the moment! Keke Hyun Sook nuna, Guseul nuna, Jung Shim nuna, and Ji Hye nuna! Also, Red Carpet’s director Kang Ho as well as the other staff who give us awesome hair and makeup, thank you very, very much!

The unforgettable and best reality program! The PDs, writer nunas, and all the staff of Dalmatian’s Manager Goes on Strike, you all worked hard. My Young Street family, which is my only schedule right now! PD-nim! Heechul hyung and writer nunas, we’re going to continue to be together, right? Keke and also, the reporters who observe Dalmatian and work hard in writing articles (reporter Eun Jung-nim~^^)! Also to all those in broadcasting companies…look out for Dalmatian! We will become hard working artists.

Teacher Wan Soo who gave me a musical mindset and awesome voice since middle school and teacher Jae Hong, I won’t become an embarrassing artist. Thank you! Photographer Kim Jae Won who transformed Dalmatian in a completely awesome image as well as producer Jo Soo Hyun! Take care of us until our 10th album~^^

Teacher Song who helped me in high school as a guide and teacher Hyun Joong, thank you! Teacher Hoon Gyu who took care of me lots and taught me a lot of acrobatics, thank you very much!
Jong Myung, thank you and I love you for always praying for me! Let’s see each other at the top and we’re the best! Aja!! Also, SS, let’s all do well!! I believe! Frog Ham Jong Hoon (aka Ham C) who always listened to me after hard practices and made me laugh, thanks and I love you!

Lastly, because there are all of you, Dalmatian exists.
Dalmate fans~~ Also, fans who love me, thank you sincerely! I will always be an improving artist!^^
Our mascot Bbangku~ Stay healthy~~ I love you!


First and most i wanna give thanks to God the father above for giving me this opportunity to share the talent and passion he’s blessed me with I also wanna thank the worlds greatest mom, dad, big sis Sharon, and the lil one Christina – through the ups and downs u guys always had my back and I cant thank u enough for that. I love you guys with all my heart..

Mong hyung! I’m so happy in being able to meet you and if I hadn’t, I’m not sure what I would be doing.. I would be somewhere in the dark ㅡ ㅡ I love you! I won’t disappoint your expectations, captain! Min Jung nuna who is like my 2nd mom! Every time I hear “I’m Kim Min Jung~!” I gain confidence! Every time I get lonely and go through hardships, you give me good advice and I thank you very much for always giving me help. Thank you for working hard for our IS Familia. Representative Son Hoon Soo, Yoon Young Ro, and Son Hoon Sang, thank you sincerely!!! Jung Jae Seob hyung, Janggeun hung, Hoony Hoon hyung, Hoon Suk hyung, Hong Suk hyung, Yong Hwan hyung, Sung Eun hyung, Yong Uk hyung, Seung Soon nuna, Jin Ah nuna, and all the staff members, give lots of love to Dalmatian! SG Wannabe’s Seok Hoon hyung, Jin Ho hyung, Yong Jun hyung, Maybee nuna, Min Kyung Hoon hung, and all the IS trainees, hwaiting!!

The most loving stylists Hye Ran nuna, Guseul nuna, Hyun Sook nuna, Jung Shim nuna, and Ji Hye una who always dresses Dalmatian nicely! Photographer Kim Jae Won who took amazing photos of us and producer Jo Soo Hyun who made an amazing music video! Thank you very much to our teachers Won Soo and Jae Hong, music teachers who have voices overflowing with soul! Il Kwon hyung who always gives good advice and is like family although he’s not a part of our company family, thank you very much! The staff members of Red Carpet! Also our masculine director Kang Ho….be quiet!!~~~ keke. Eun Sook nuna who is our pretty fashionista engineer! Our wawasoul dance crew Jae Yong hyung, Kyu Jin hyung, Hyung Seob hyung, Jung Seob hyung Il Sun hyung, and Jae Woo hyung who are more like bad boys than Dalamtian.

and wawa souls one and only baddest female Sul Hee, I’ll buy food when we’re well off! Keke. Next, to all the homies who stuck beside me through the rough my L7 brothers we might’ve split but we’ll always be one haha one luv, Andres lee PSB till death, lil james..imma jack you up when i go back to cali, mr. lowkey my brother shone get money, my lovely homegirl melissa <-23 never dies ma! Agape church reverend Moon, linda nuna, and daniel kang hyung thank you guys! my 5th an eton cats sam cho, peter hong, Donald do, steven yun, Amanda, justin, martin, and angela! my Japanese hip hop tree lovin brotha Malcol campanella my oc homies christoker, law, sara, vincent, erick, debbie, krys, jesse, and cavin hyung! next, the hyungs from the motherland john hyung, wooshik hyung, daeyoung hyung, chonnie hyung, khun hyung, sean hyung and even though we had our misunderstandings and troubles i always have luv for you big bro jun! The kent brotherhood – seyoon sohn, senyee who is in the army, brian fire balls, and the big bad playstation sony.

No matter how much we change, we’re still like Seyoon~~ Celebration Church family: Reverend Kim Jung Hoon, thank you very much for always praying for me! My down to anything buddy amber “turtle” liu. Cute Soo Jung, my loving dongseng Yeon Jae, one and only Sylvia, Nicole who is now not fluent in even English, Aunt Sulli who introduced his route to me! My older nunas Tiffany, Jessica, and Hyoyeon that are like family, you guys are jjang keke. Also, my close hyung.. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and your hot dog business is going to be daebak! Apgujeong Crew Yeseul nuna, Jae Hyun hyung, Hee Sung, Elly, let’s go grab coffee! Also, loving Yoseob hyung, I’ll do well! Let’s meet at the top.. I’ll be there soon, so wait for me!

Last but not least Dalmatian!! I’ll do well as the youngest keke. We’ll be daebak this year! I love you!
Lastly, those of Dalmatian’s fan club, I love you all very much.


I would like to thank my mother first for giving me infinite skills. I will succeed and give you all the benefit! I love you mother~! And my hyung who played the dependable father figure! I love you more than the world! My loving grandma who raised us at a young age! Stay healthy for the many years to come! I’ll keep my promise with you grandma! I love you!^^ Aunt Mi Ae and uncle who were a big help to me in being able to achieve my dreams! My life’s turning point! Thank you! Uncle Ok Gil and Aunt Soon Hwa whom take care of Dalmatian’s food, thank you! Thank you very much uncle Sang Gil, aunt Jung Hwa, aunt Joo Young, uncle Sang Woo, and everyone else! My cousins Seung Soo and Jo Eun Nara! Because I have you guys, I feel strong^^ My hyungs and dongsengs amongst my cousins Shin Nara, Seung Yoon, Ha Ni hyung, Chang Hoon hyung! Everyone stay strong and work hard^^
Our captain Mong hyung! Always caring for us and enduring through difficulties! Thank you very much noticing me and acknowledging my talents^^ I, Youngwon, will forever show a good image! Look out for me! I love you.

A  father figure to Dalmatian…representative Son Hoon Sang! Representative Yoon Young Ro! I will work hard in showing a better image! Dalmatian’s BIG mom Min Jung nuna! Our charisma nuna Seung Soon nuna! Jae Seob hyung, Hoon Suk hyung, Yong Hwan hyung, Sung Eun hyung, Yong Uk hyung, Kang Min hyung! IS! Family members, I love you all very much… thank you! Mo hyung, Jangeun hyung, Chul Ho hyung, Shinsadong Tiger hyung, and Rado hyung who made Dalmatian’s first mini album amazing and filled with amazing songs, you all worked hard. There will be good results~ We’ll be daebak soon! And our Dalmatian team who is very important to me! I always love you and let’s be a team that will be the best!Teachers Hong Moon Sook, Kim Yeon Joo, and the silk grandmother from Busan, thank you very much! My close friend Sung Min, greatest drummer Kwang Min, Geun hyung, Il Kwon hyung, Jung Min nuna, Hye Myung nuna, Tae Hwa hyung, Kyung Shik hyung, Sharon nuna, Rhymer hyung, imdastyle’s main Da Hye nuna, Touch’s Jun Yong, Joo Young nuna, thank you always^^ Han Bin, let’s see each other on stage soon^^ The writer nunas of Young Street~! I hope that I, Youngwon, will be able to be in the next broadcast~ I have confidence to do well~!^^ 2010’s greatest program Dalmatian’s Manager Goes on Strike! Writers Ji Hye nuna and Hye Sun nuna, PD Kim Jae Hyung, PD Gonzalez, and the rest of the staff~ Anyway, thank you all very much!!! Photographer Kim Jae Won who always takes amazing photos and producer Jo Soo Hyun who filmed an amazing music video. The Red Carpter’s director Kang Ho! Thank you all!

Janggeun hyung who was with us since Dalmatian’s Manager Goes on Strike! Whenever I’m in hardship, you always give sincere advice and gave me strength through it. Thank you very much! WAWA hyungs who make our dances more awesome! Jae Yong hyung who gives off the tiger aura! Angel Kyu Jin hyung! the greatest choreographer Hyung Seob hyung! Exploding with ganji, Jung Seob hyung! Fashionista Il Sun hyung! Jae Woo hyung who is always full of charisma! And all the hyungs in WAWA, thank you all. High Tech’s Jung Hyun hyung, Youngdeuk, Youungdon hyung, Chul Joon hyung, Hee Yeon nuna, Ki Ran nuna! Let’s have a meal soon^^ Vocal teacher Won Suk, thank you^^ The big umma of stylists, Hye Ran nuna, who makes us shine! Guseul nuna who dreams of being the best stylist! Hyun Sook nuna, Jung Shim nuna, and Ji Yeon nuna, thank you all very much! Our seniors SG Wannabe! The feelings were new when we were able to go on the nationwide tour together! Seniors Min Kyung Hoon, Maybee! Continue to look out for Dalmatian!

IS trainees and everyone, hwaiting!!! Stay strong!!!
Dalmatian’s 1st mini album hwaiting! Youngwon and Donglim, hwaiting!

Credits: Dkpopnews


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