Kpopmagic is hiring multiple posts.

Posted: May 11, 2011 by Appy in Kpop
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Kpopmagic is hiring multiple posts.

Yes, we are opening our ranks for staff! kpopmagic is expanding  fast, and to keep up with this expansion, as well as to help it along, we’re looking for dedicated individuals to fill a number of positions.

We’re a super close and friendly team, (ask our current staff!,) but we are only taking on people who will be dedicated.

ALL POSITIONS ARE VOLUNTARY, but the experience and chance to showcase your abilities will be valuable on your resumes. We are also willing to be references for our dedicated staff members.

The following are the positions we currently have open:

WEB DESIGNER/PROGRAMMER: To assist with the physical development of our website. Apply at for more info.

WRITERS: Regular writers (news article writers) are expected to aim for a minimum contribution of 1 article a day.  Feature writers are expected to contribute bi-weekly. A featured writer is someone who write a special long article on, for example, K-Pop fashion. Apply with a K-Pop writing sample at

TRANSLATORS: Translators, well, that’s self explanatory. You will extract essential date from Korean sources for us to then use as a foundation for writing our news articles. You can be a translator who, in turn, writes articles with the information you find, or if you translate LOTS, you can pass the information on to other writers. Apply with a translation sample at

EDITORS: This position is an important one and requires a fluent grasp of the English language. Your job will be to edit articles, publish them on the website, and work with writers to troubleshoot and assist. You can apply for this position at

RADIO DJ: As a radio DJ, you will be free multiple times during the week to take requests on kpopmagic Radio. Apply to this position at

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Have you ever wanted your work featured on a big website? Well, here’s your chance! We’re looking for graphic designers to assist working on the ever-evolving image of the website, as well as create graphics for it. Apply with a sample at

COMIC/MANGA ARTISTS: Do you make K-Pop related comics? Do you want them to be featured on a website? We’re looking for artists, and if we have enough good ones, we will start publishing them. Apply with a sample at

News Gatherer/Translators for the blog.
Gatherer needs their own source of information. Can be translated or non-translated. -Translators need to know English and Korean.
Send to
1. Name
2. Capable language
3. Past experiences
4. Which artist you want to do news about
5. Online times (KST)

Please make sure you contact the right e-mail address, so we can reply to you as quick as possible. Good luck to those applying, as we’re excited to incorporate you into our team.

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follow us on twitter:


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