[News] “CITY HUNTER” LEE MIN-HO Is a 100% Sharp Shooter.

Posted: May 11, 2011 by Appy in Kpop
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[News] “CITY HUNTER” LEE MIN-HO Is a 100% Sharp Shooter.



Actor Lee Min-ho showed off his shooting skills in the Thailand shoot for new SBS drama “City Hunter” coming this 25th.According to the productions on the 11th, Lee Min-ho was extremely good at shooting in Thailand and put everyone in awe.Lee Min-ho had been getting private lessons from a shooting expert even before going to Thailand to become a “City Hunter”.Using the national shooting ranges from time to time, he had been building on his skills. He was as good as a real shooter in Thailand and kept practicing like it was the real thing.

Well trained Lee Min-ho was the perfect “City Hunter” using the shot gun, pistol, revolver and rifle.A shot gun is too heavy to be held with one hand and the noise it makes when it goes off is too loud to even hear anyone speak but Lee Min-ho was calm about it.The productions said, “Normally a person would be frightened to death, flinch or even be pushed back at the noise but Lee Min-ho the “City Hunter” was calm and natural about it”.

“The shoot continued until our ears were numb but Lee Min-ho didn’t show exhaustion and was professional for the two day shoot”.Meanwhile, “City Hunter” is based on an original by a Japanese writer and is an issue as it is being made into a drama in Korea.Unlike the Japanese background in the 1980s as it originally is, the drama is based in Seoul in 2011 and the lead actor grows into a City Hunter and solves cases.

Translated by: www.hancinema.net

Source : news.nate.com


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