[News] ”BIGBANG 2”, Oricon Weekly Albums Chart # 1+ Interview

Posted: May 17, 2011 by Appy in Kpop
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[News] ”BIGBANG 2”, Oricon Weekly Albums Chart # 1+ Interview




After 1 year and 9 months, Korea 5-men group, BIGBANG released their album ‘BIGBANG 2’ on 11th and it has already attained 65000 sales. On 23rd, they have secured 1st place in Oricon weekly chart.

Ever since their major debut, this is the 1st time that they have garnered 1st place in Oricon weekly chart. In the category of the Korea and Asia artists category (including solo artists) ) of the Oricon chart, TVXQ’s ‘BEST SELECTION 2010’ (released in February 2010) was the 1st group who garnered this honour while JYJ’s mini album, ‘The…’ (released in September 2010) was the second group.

BIGBANG has now become the 3 rd group. And up until now, after their major debut in Japan with the single ‘My Heaven’ (released in June, 2009) and the 1st regular album, ‘BIGBANG’ (released in August, 2009) has the best record of staying in the 3rd place .

BIGBANG 2 includes the opening song ,’Let me hear your voice’ from the drama , ‘Long live the single girl’ which starred Misuki Arisa and ‘IRIS’ theme song which starred Lee Byung Hyun (released last June). A total of 10 songs are included in this album.

Starting from 10th of May, they have been having a Japan tour, BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon said, “I am really happy that our album has also secured 1st place in the Oricon chart when we are having our activities in Japan. It is especially meaningful for us when we are having our Japan tour. I want to challenge for the 1st spot in the month oricon chart too.” which showed us his determination. They have already finished 2 concerts in Osaka and 3 concerts in Chiba, then after they are done with 3 more concerts in Nagoya, their Japan tour will be ended.

Thank You speech:

G-Dragon: “I am really happy that when we are having our activities in Japan ,our album has also secured the 1st place in the Oricon chart. It is especially meaningful for us when we are having our Japan tour. In the future, we will do more promotions and I want to challenge the 1st spot of Oricon monthly chart. Now, I want every fan to enjoy the remaining concerts that we are going to bring.”

VI: “It has been 1 year and 9 months that we have released a new album and I am really pleased to know that it has achieved good result. Amidst this painful situation, I hope BIGBANG’s music will bring every Japanese fans hope, courage and strength. Although the songs would arrive at the end since it is just an album, many people are granted a light of hope by listening to them.”

T.O.P: “From now on , I want to challenge more since I am stimulated , I am more motivated to work harder.”

SOL: “I have not ever thought of gaining the 1st place in Oricon weekly chart! BIGBANG has been trying hard rather than simply waiting, giving fans an impression that what they ‘think’ can actually be realized. I am very delighted about it. I am not stubborn about the ranking (although I still want to challenge to get the 1st spot in the monthly chart), I would like to work with our first intention of making music. I want to express my gratitude to every fan and staff. Thanks!”

Dlite: “I want to give a lot of thanks to the support that we have received ever since we debuted in Japan and carried out the activities there. In the future, we want to reach the top by providing you with good music and level-up stage, so please look forward to it. I hope there will be no accidents in our remaining tour. I want to share this joy with every fan who have been cheering for us.”

Source: Oricon via bbvipz
Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdatesTaken From: sfuza_14@bigbangupdates.com


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