[News] G-Dragon, Yoo In Na-why they don’t have a cut in the CF which is filmed together?

Posted: May 18, 2011 by Appy in Kpop
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[News] G-Dragon, Yoo In Na-why they don’t have a cut in the CF which is filmed together?



Yoo In Na who have been active in filmming drama and other areas of showbiz has filmed a CF with G-Dragon. The mutual characteristic of them is they are both ‘fashionista’ and this is the first time these two stars appear together. However, in the CF, there is not even one cut that they are filming together which has attracted attention.

On 16th, according to the advertising agency, TBWA, G-Dragon and Yoo In Na appear in the G Market’s new advertisement ‘OMG’ (Oh My God) which has been being broadcasted since the start of this month, where they exclaim about the service and customers’ benefits while enjoying shopping.

Originally, G Market and the CF producer have planned that G-Dragon and Yoo In Na should film most of the scenes together. In order to carry out the plan of the CF,they have tried to adjust the schedules of the two stars but was not successful. At the end, the wish of shooting the ‘couple’ shots were dashed and they had to film their parts individually.

Having to film a film, deliver live broadcast on TV entertainment show at night coupled with her filming a drama,Yoon In Na really has a busy schedule. Although she has tried twice to adjust the schedule to fit GD’s. their available time slots still cannot fit each other.

The thing that the producer of the CF worried most is G-Dragon is also very busy due to the recently resumed activities of BIGBANG, their concerts and their starting of activities in Japan, he might not be able to finish the shooting. However, the real situation is totally different.

Since they are both very busy; therefore, the related staff said, ‘G-Dragon is busier than a big model.’ And ‘In Yoon Na is a trend now.’

A staff said, ‘at the end, we have to give up our favourite scenes but their fame is big enough to bring good advertising responses which can compensate that.’

Source: Asiae via bbvipz
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates


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