Posted: May 25, 2011 by Appy in Kpop
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Newbie boy band LEDApple’s Gyu Min released photos on his Cyworld homepage and have been garnering much attention for his resemblance to SHINee’s Key. Gyu Min has won the hearts of nuna (older girl) fans for his well-defined features and pale milky skin.

So far, the netizens have responded favorably to Gyu Min saying, “Who is Gyu Min…” “he’s cute,” and “they can be twins!”

LEDApple is a five member idol rock band that debuted back in 2010 with a remake of ballad queen Baek Ji Young’s “Dash.” Currently, they are busy preparing for their June 9th release of their first mini album. Its members include Jae Hoon (vocal), Young Joon(guitar), Kwang Yeon (base), Hyo Suk (drum), and Gyu Min (vocal and rap).

What do you think? Do they look similar? Or is it just the pose?

Check out their music video for “Dash.”


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