[News] Shinee’s update 3rd Anniversary! #SHINe3years

Posted: May 25, 2011 by Appy in Kpop
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[News] Shinee’s update 3rd Anniversary! #SHINe3years

Yes, time flies!
It has been an exact 3 years since Korean boy-group from SM entertainment, “SHINee” has debuted.

On this special day, Key has posted on the UFO!

He said,

“3rd anniversary! Time go by so fast ~ ha ha! Because of you we are blessing to this day.We’re just beginning ~ ^ ^ in the future we will create a better time! I love you”

They have also updated their official SM board:

“Hello everyone~ We are SHINING SHINee! today is SHINee’s debut for 3 years anniversary ! Because of all SHAWOLS loving us, we have enjoy the 3 years together, sincerely thanks everyone. ^^ “

Also, SM entertainment has uploaded a video on their official youtube channel, with the boys saying their feelings of coming so far, check out the video below:

Congratulations SHINee!
SHINee has come so far, their 3 years of hard work has definitely been paid off.
Now what Shawols are waiting for, is the Official debut of SHINee in Japan, on the 22nd of June!
Are you excited too?

Credits: SMentertainment @ YT, baidu
Source / chinese translation : Luckkey @ weibo
Trans: linyin@soompi
English translation : forever_shinee


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