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Actor Lee Min-ho revealed the firm muscled upper body.

According to the productions on the 25th, Lee Min-ho exposed his never seen before body in a shoot for the SBS drama “City Hunter” on the 15th.

His unique slim body and line were perfectly harmonized with small muscles and created a perfect horizontal shouldered body shape.

The scars on his back that could be seen in the shower showed the remains of rough action and gave of sexiness and masculine beauty.

This day’s scene started off with Yoon-seong (Lee Min-ho) insisting he would shower alone after he had just finished a judo training session with his fellow Blue House workers.

Yoon-seong pretends he doesn’t have a motor nerve but he actually has an intense ability in martial arts. Hence, the scars on his back.

Not wanting to show that to his colleagues, Yoon-seong showers alone and determines himself as a City Hunter once again.

According to the production staff, Lee Min-ho has been training hard with cardio exercises and swimming to express the “City Hunter” well.

Along with the start of the drama, he also learnt the Philippines martial arts and received judo training with Park Min-yeong, Kwang Soo and more.

Therefore, his body has become different yet, light but rough and wild but attractive.

Meanwhile, “City Hunter” is based on a popular Japanese comic and unlike the 1980 Tokyo background, this drama is based in Seoul, 2011.

Being recreated as the Korean version of “City Hunter” after 30 or so years, the change in generation and space have caused a resetting in the characters to be more Korean like.

First aired on the 25th.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20… ( Korean )

Translated by: www.hancinema.net


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