Underrated and Upcoming – An interview wit Kimmy Fiesta

Posted: July 15, 2011 by Appy in Kpop
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Underrated and Upcoming – An interview wit Kimmy Fiesta

On today’s Underrated and Upcoming interview, we take a look at a man who does the behind the scenes work for artists, but also contributes on the mic. This man has done work for such Hip-Hop artists like: Bound by Honor, Crucial Star, Street Digger, Billion Boy, Mellow, and several other artist; this man is none other than producer and artist, Kimy Fiesta.

Kimy Fiesta has a total of two albums out that come to my knowledge. The first one is ‘Overture’ which came out back in 2009. This was his EP, and then he came out with ‘Overpass’ which came out in 2010. Fiesta is a Michelangelo of music by adding unique instrumentals over Hip-Hop vocals creating beautiful works of music.

As the man is incredibly busy, I had the opportunity to get an interview with him and pick his brain on music, life, and so forth. Here is the interview.

Me:  How old are you?

Fiesta: 27 years old.

Me: How many languages do you speak?

Fiesta: Korean & Some Eng

Me: When you were younger, what did you think of school? Did you like it? Did you hate it?

Fiesta: During Adolescence I was studying to be a design major in college. I wasn’t interested in studying in school, but I had a love for art. I wanted to do advertising design for companies.

Me: What’s your favourite kind of meal you like to eat whether at home or out at a restaurant?

Fiesta: In general, I enjoy eating Pork Cutlet. I also like Korean food. “Ramyeon” arrives, or even like soup. I tend to favorite meats too.

Me: What made you decide to get into the music industry?

Fiesta: In the past, advertising was supposed to lead to design, the design got difficult too quickly, and found myself enjoying the music for a long time that was produced. I was heavily influenced by cousin, Kim Sarang, who is a rock musician.

Me: With all the competition out there in K-Pop, Hip-Hop, Ballads, etc, what do you feel

sets you apart from the rest?

Fiesta: In my opinion, everyone thinks so they’re different, and I have often felt that way when composing my chord. Then there is my own drum sound. I frequently used instruments called, or whatever. I want to leave to this genre with a certain distinction when people listen to my music.

Me:  Who or what inspired you to do music?

Fiesta: Too much. Just the music itself is an inspiration to me. But, say, my music, and even if they have different style, Kanye West, Pharrell (or Neptunes)I listen to a lot of their songs. Rock music, jazz, soul gets a lot of inspiration from.

Me: What’s currently playing on your iPod/mp3 player? Are there any favourite bands and or artists?

Fiesta: As mentioned above, besides the ones I stated above there are Daftpunk, Pete rock, j dilla, and more … Korean Hip-Hop style music too. I do not discriminate against genre. I have the producer mind stronger, so producers tend to find a producer first.

Me:  Since you produce music, do you ever rap within the tracks you produce or are you always ‘behind the scenes’?

Fiesta: Of course. My rap is doesn’t have special talent, but i love rap, and rap is interesting.

Me:  Do you write lyrics for the artists or do you have them create their own lyrics and you add the instrumental to it?

Fiesta: Except for my album in other artists beats, I like that more collaboration.

Me: What’s better, collaborations or solos? Why?

Fiesta: Depending on the situation, collaboration is a true time to enjoy. However, well-made bit operations tend to done alone.

Me: The song “Hands Up” off the album ‘Overpass’ has a lot of English rapping in it. What made you decide to use English more than Korean?

Fiesta: They learned by chance live in Washington D.C, U.S.A, Underground team “Bound by Honor”.  They didn’t know Korean, so we did the track in English.

Me: Who are the artists rapping in the song “Hands Up”?

Fiesta: Underground Hip-hop team “Bound by Honor” (Big John & Mic Daily) of Magnus Records

Me: What are some of your long term goals for you and producing music?

Fiesta: I want to be an unlimited multi-genre producer whether it’s Pop, underground, hip-hop or whatever. I love hip-hop first though.

Me: If you could work with anyone in the world on a song or album, who would they be, and why?

Fiesta: It is a vague idea. But, say, that I admire and want to try with Pharrell and Kanye West. When I say it is largely. They are sexiest in hip-hop and my favorite MCs & Producers.

Me:  What do you enjoy doing on your off time when you aren’t making your music?

Fiesta: Benched plainly, drinking, and are working. However, most of the time is working time.

Me: What does your family think about your music?

Fiesta: Parents almost cannot understand my music, but they are the one that gives us our opportunities.

Me: Are there any places you would like to travel to?

Fiesta: New York, California, Perth in AUS (I lived in that city). etc.

Me: As being part of the music business and a producer where do you stand on illegal downloading of music? Do you think it’s ok for people download songs from artists without ever having to pay for what they are downloading or do you feel it isn’t right?

Fiesta: Not a streaming service track or free songs. That isn’t tolerated for any reason other than it would be thought. It’s like a gum of small markets. This is so easily steal, but you don’t. It is because your conscience.

Me: What has been the most successful or memorable moment in your career in music thus far?

Fiesta: Think there is not yet.

Me: Could you ever see yourself doing anything else besides music?

Fiesta: Sometimes, I also create promotional advertisings. And I make my album cover design.

Me: Where can people purchase your music?

Fiesta: Korea music streaming site (ex: bugs.com, mnet.com, naver.com, daum.com, melon.com, etc.) & iTunes store.

Me: Is there a way fans and or listeners could follow you, such as: Facebook, twitter, tumblr?

Fiesta: I have facebook & twitter accounts.

Twitter : @kimyfiesta

Facebook : kimy fiesta

Me: Lastly, what’s next in your music career that people should be on the lookout for, from you?

Fiesta: There is a new LP ALBUM soon be released. I have tried a variety of genres, but it’s more popular music, In the name of hip-hop. Due to more vigorous activity is performed.

I want to thank Kimy Fiesta for taking the time out of his busy work schedule to do this interview. The man has strong opinions towards all aspects of life and music. It’s always good to hear the opinions of those who work behind the scenes of the artists making the tracks we all love. Make sure you go out and support Kimy Fiesta by buying his latest album ‘Overpass’ on some of few sites he mentioned. Also make sure to add him on your facebook account.

Keep your eyes peeled for another interview on the only article that gets up close and personal with some of those artists that are doing it big out there, Underrated and Upcoming.

interview by : DJ KLegend

Picture Credits : http://m.rhythmer.net/src/magazine/news/view.php?n=1298



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