[NEWS] f(x)’s Amber Reveals Her Full Legal Name For The First Time

Posted: November 13, 2011 by yunjaeyoosusarang in Kpop
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[NEWS] f(x)’s Amber Reveals Her Full Legal Name For The First Time

f(x)‘s member Amber Liu has become a hot discussion amongst netizens, as she revealed her full legal name on the episode of KBS‘s “Invincible Youth 2!” that was aired on the 12th of October.

The new G8 members had their first ever meeting together at the Daebudo village on the west coast of Korea. Considering the fact that they’re all comprised of members from all over the world, the older villagers had a hard time recognizing who was who. As such, the topic of their conversation turned to their names.

Sunny from SNSD, who uses an English name as her stage name, decided to go with her Korean name Sunkyu.

Amber, on the other hand, revealed for the very first time that her name in Chinese characters (Hanja) is actually Yoo Il Woon (劉逸雲). As a Taiwanese-American, she revealed that her full, legal name was Amber Josephine Liu.

“It sounds like the name of a village hyung that knows how to use his fists,” commented Lee Soo Geun upon hearing the confession.

Amber added, “I also have a Korean name that my friends in the States used to call me, which is Eunyoung.”

In related news, the episode kicked off to a smooth start as it recorded 7% in viewer ratings.

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