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[News/Video] IU falls down on stage at 2011 Melon Music Awards.

Photos of IU falling off stage are captured during the 2011 Melon Music Awards on November 24, held in Olympic Park’s Stadium.

IU loses her balance upon receiving her award for 2011 SK Planet Song of the Year [Good Day]. However, she still flashed a bright smile despite of what happened.

Photo source: Naver │OSEN
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Anyway,check out her performance video here!


[News] Melon Music Awards Acknowledges Girls Generations Global Success With The 2011 Global Artist Award.

In the 2011 MelOn Music Awards held on November 24th at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium Arena, Girls’ Generation received the newly-established award, ’2011 Global Artist Award’.

Despite not being able to attend the award ceremony in person, Girls’ Generation pre-recorded a video to express their appreciation.

The girls made their speech in a cute manner by saying, “Thank you for giving the ’2011 Global Artist Award’ to Girls’ Generation! Is this an award for singers who made it to the worldwide market?”

They continued, “We’re regretful that we cannot attend the award ceremony but we are happy to conclude the year by receiving an award from the ’2011 MelOn Music Awards’. Recently, K-pop fever is spreading to the world and we feel proud as K-pop singers. Thank you!”

Check out Girls’ Generation’s pre-recorded acceptance speech here!



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