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[NEWS] miss A’s Min To Miss Concert In Taiwan Due To Injury

It has been a rough couple week of weeks for idols as many of them suffered from injuries and problems. Earlier, After School‘s Juyeon had been hospitalized due to an acute inflammation of her kidney. KARA‘s Gyuri was diagnosed with vocal chord nodules and Secret‘s Hyosung injured both of her legs after falling down the stairs. This time, the mishaps continue as miss A‘s Min injured her neck causing her to miss the upcoming concert in Taiwan.

During her rehearsal, Min accidentally twisted and injured her neck. After getting attention from a doctor, she has been recommended to take some rest, and performing at this point would worsen her neck’s condition. In addition, Min updated her Twitter and wrote, “My neck is out…can’t lift my arms up..”, making her unable to attend their scheduled concert.

miss A alongside Super Juniorf(x) and 2PM will be having a joint concert in Taiwan. This is Taiwan’s largest Hallyu concert and will take place at K-Arena in Kaohsiung on November 26th. Despite Min’s absence, the remaining members of miss A will still attend and perform at the event.


[NEWS] f(x)’s Amber Reveals Her Full Legal Name For The First Time

f(x)‘s member Amber Liu has become a hot discussion amongst netizens, as she revealed her full legal name on the episode of KBS‘s “Invincible Youth 2!” that was aired on the 12th of October.

The new G8 members had their first ever meeting together at the Daebudo village on the west coast of Korea. Considering the fact that they’re all comprised of members from all over the world, the older villagers had a hard time recognizing who was who. As such, the topic of their conversation turned to their names.

Sunny from SNSD, who uses an English name as her stage name, decided to go with her Korean name Sunkyu.

Amber, on the other hand, revealed for the very first time that her name in Chinese characters (Hanja) is actually Yoo Il Woon (劉逸雲). As a Taiwanese-American, she revealed that her full, legal name was Amber Josephine Liu.

“It sounds like the name of a village hyung that knows how to use his fists,” commented Lee Soo Geun upon hearing the confession.

Amber added, “I also have a Korean name that my friends in the States used to call me, which is Eunyoung.”

In related news, the episode kicked off to a smooth start as it recorded 7% in viewer ratings.

[Facebook] Super junior & f(x)’s Victoria arrived in paris

A few hours ago, the boys of Super Junior and f(x)’s Victoria arrived in Paris and went to the venue for rehearsal.

Source: SM TOWN Facebook page

[News] f(x)’s “Hot Summer” Teaser to be revealed on 13th !

f(x)’s title track teaser will be revealed on the 13th.

On that day, f(x)’s teaser for their new title track “Hot Summer” will be released through SMTOWN’s YouTube channel ( and their website (

The follow-up song “Hot Summer” has powerful synthesizer sounds and their impressing beats invite you to dance to this electronic pop song. This song tells how children would spend the hot summer, making this unique and original song f(x)’s. The song will seem like the girls telling us fun stories about their pure and romantic summer days, making this a refreshing song.

This repackaged album will contain:

  • The original 10 songs from their first album “Pinocchio”
  • New title track “Hot Summer”
  • f(x)’s song from the OST of the drama “Paradise”, “…Is It OK?”
  • Debut track “LA chA TA”
  • Their first single title track “Chu~♡”

The list totals up to 14 new tracks.

f(x)’s 1st repackaged album “Hot Summer” will be released offline on June 14.

Source: Newsen
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On 7 June, with the message “Fighting Japan!” Popular K-pop artists will be gathered in Osaka’s Kyocera dome, for a one night only Luxury Live “Seoul Osaka Music of Heart Fighting JAPAN” will be held. It has been decided that this show will be aired live in cinemas all over Japan.

In this live concert, Tohoshinki, 2PM, FT Island, Beast, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, 2NE1, IU, f(x), 4minute, T-ara and Rainbow will be present,  a (scheduled) 12 groups of popular K-pop artists participating in support of the message “Fighting Japan!” For the sake of a quick recovery for the disaster-hit regions, sending “energy” from Osaka to the rest of Japan. With this in mind, the K-pop stars will bind the hearts of Japan into one with song and dance. Also, charity goods will be sold on concert day at Kyocera done, and the proceeds will be donated to the Tohoku Earthquake relief fund via Japan Red Cross.

This miraculous performance with its overwhelming power can be enjoyed on the big screen and (surround) sound as well.  Live screening (movie) tickets will be sold on ticket Pia starting 1 June.

Source : [Wow!Korea]
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[Video] f(x) won first place with “Pinocchio” on Music Bank!

The girls were slightly disappointed last week when they failed to defend their first place but the girls were up to compete for Music Bank’s first place on today’s show!

The girls won first place again surpassing SS501’s Young Saeng,congratulations!

[News] f(x) 2 consecutive weeks Inkigayo mutizen song Award ’emotional’



On the 15th broadcast of SBS inkigayo Performance f(x) performed Pinocchio, the title song of their first official Studio album. 

On this day, f(x)’s unique hair style and distinctive chorography was presented.

Mutizen song was announced, f(x) gathered around Sulli and hugged each other gratefully and was speechless for a while.

MC Jo Kwon handed the microphone to Sullli, she said “Inkigayo thank you” delivering an energetic thank you speech. Then thanked the fans, all the staff, MC IU, Jokwon and Kikwang etc.

Followed by Amber’s energetic speech and Krystal’s speech. Meanwhile Inkigayo featured the appearance of turtle, B1A4, Rania, Ali, UKiss, Brian Joo, 5Dolls, Suh Young Eun, Eru, Sistar 19, HeoYoungSaeng, December, Infinite, Lim Jeong Hee, 4Minute, Rainbow, Girls Day, After School, and f (x).

Source: Nate
Translator: lovely_flower
Credit: Aff(x)tion forums