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[News/Video] IU falls down on stage at 2011 Melon Music Awards.

Photos of IU falling off stage are captured during the 2011 Melon Music Awards on November 24, held in Olympic Park’s Stadium.

IU loses her balance upon receiving her award for 2011 SK Planet Song of the Year [Good Day]. However, she still flashed a bright smile despite of what happened.

Photo source: Naver │OSEN
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Anyway,check out her performance video here!


[NEWS] IU Reveals Her Comeback Teaser Photo

On the 17th of November, Loen Entertainment released IU‘s comeback teaser photo through their official Twitter, along with the message, “If you blink, you become an adult”.

The agency explained, “IU’s 2nd full length album will be an album that shows an IU who is currently standing on the border between the ages of 19 and 20. [The age 20 is a significant age in Korea, as it signals legal adulthood] We hope fans will look forward to and take interest in IU’s comback.”

IU’s upcoming album will be released on November 29, but the tracks will be unveiled on the 22nd.


Recently a picture of IU eating fried food is uploaded on online community gallery. The picture was taken when IU was shooting KBS 2TV series Dream High.

The netizen who uploaded the picture explained, “IU dropped by to have some fried food alone. I asked her to wish me good luck since I was leaving for military service the week after. She turned around and smiled for me. She looks prettier in person!”

In the picture, IU is wearing a think jacket over school uniform. Although the picture was blurry, her beauty shined.

Netizens comment: “She looks cute eating fried food.” “She is kind, cute, pretty, and just perfect!” “She must have been so hungry.”

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[Video] Sunny hill released 2nd MV teaser featuring IU.

Nation sister IU has become the female lead in Sunny Hill’s 2nd MV teaser!

The first teaser was released 2 days ago featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ Gain,do you anticipate Sunny Hill’s new song Midnight Circus?


On 7 June, with the message “Fighting Japan!” Popular K-pop artists will be gathered in Osaka’s Kyocera dome, for a one night only Luxury Live “Seoul Osaka Music of Heart Fighting JAPAN” will be held. It has been decided that this show will be aired live in cinemas all over Japan.

In this live concert, Tohoshinki, 2PM, FT Island, Beast, MBLAQ, U-Kiss, 2NE1, IU, f(x), 4minute, T-ara and Rainbow will be present,  a (scheduled) 12 groups of popular K-pop artists participating in support of the message “Fighting Japan!” For the sake of a quick recovery for the disaster-hit regions, sending “energy” from Osaka to the rest of Japan. With this in mind, the K-pop stars will bind the hearts of Japan into one with song and dance. Also, charity goods will be sold on concert day at Kyocera done, and the proceeds will be donated to the Tohoku Earthquake relief fund via Japan Red Cross.

This miraculous performance with its overwhelming power can be enjoyed on the big screen and (surround) sound as well.  Live screening (movie) tickets will be sold on ticket Pia starting 1 June.

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As was previously reported, IU released her first orginal composition ‘Hold My Hand’ (previously also called ‘Take My Hand’) for part 4 of the ‘Greatest Love of All’ drama OST on May 25th.

The response to this new OST has been explosive, immediately topping music charts the moment it was released. (*Note: Apparently, it caused some server problems as well, as can be seen from the Melon statistics below, at 2am, when the graph went off the charts.)

The next peak was at midnight, when the song was #1 on seven music charts, including Bugs, Cyworld, Daum, Naver, Melon, Mnet and Monk3y and #2 on Soribada. With the drama rising in popularity too, both the OST composed by IU and the drama are garnering a lot of interest.









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[News] Yoon Sang “I regret composing the song ‘The Story Only I didn’t know’ for IU.

Singer/songwriter Yoon Sang revealed that he regrets composing the song ‘Story Only I Didn’t Know’ for IU.

On a recent episode of KBS Prime ‘Lee Geum Hee’s Special Meeting’, Yoon Sang made a guest appearance and expressed, “When I first saw IU on TV, her gaze was downcast” and “Therefore, I composed the ballad ‘Story Only I Didn’t Know’ for her to match that sad expression of hers.”

“But now thinking back about it, I feel slightly sorry for writing such a sad song for IU who has yet to even complete high school. However, this time when we had the chance to work together again for the EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea theme song, fortunately I had the chance to give her a much brighter image by composing the song ‘Stories of the Sea’ for her,” said Yoon Sang, revealing his affections for his junior, IU.

Meanwhile, shown on this broadcast on May 27th is also the music life story of Yoon Sang for whom it has been 20 years since he debuted as a singer as well as what Sung Si Kyung, Yoon Jung Shin and other stars have to say about Yoon Sang’s image.

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