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[NEWS] miss A’s Min To Miss Concert In Taiwan Due To Injury

It has been a rough couple week of weeks for idols as many of them suffered from injuries and problems. Earlier, After School‘s Juyeon had been hospitalized due to an acute inflammation of her kidney. KARA‘s Gyuri was diagnosed with vocal chord nodules and Secret‘s Hyosung injured both of her legs after falling down the stairs. This time, the mishaps continue as miss A‘s Min injured her neck causing her to miss the upcoming concert in Taiwan.

During her rehearsal, Min accidentally twisted and injured her neck. After getting attention from a doctor, she has been recommended to take some rest, and performing at this point would worsen her neck’s condition. In addition, Min updated her Twitter and wrote, “My neck is out…can’t lift my arms up..”, making her unable to attend their scheduled concert.

miss A alongside Super Juniorf(x) and 2PM will be having a joint concert in Taiwan. This is Taiwan’s largest Hallyu concert and will take place at K-Arena in Kaohsiung on November 26th. Despite Min’s absence, the remaining members of miss A will still attend and perform at the event.


[NEWS] BIGBANG and 2NE1 Evolve The International Face Of Kpop

K-Pop has been laying down its foundation and quietly deepening its roots within the global music industry.SNSD and Kara in Japan, Wonder Girls in America, the whole SM Family and JYJ in Europe, it is without a doubt that K-Pop has increasingly globalized.

The driving force behind the mass accumulation of fans for K-Pop are the large entertainment companies that train and invest in their idol groups for a long period of time. Powerful performances and amazing vocal abilities have widely captured the hearts and ears of those who are tuned into mainstream K-Pop culture and have even contributed to the universal pop genre with new sounds and a distinct style. Social networking services have helped disperse K-Pop to different countries all over the world.

In the midst of the K-Pop diaspora all around the world, YG‘s Big Bang and 2NE1 have made a big jump in receiving awards in renown American and British music award ceremonies. They have proven that other genres such as hip hop (a little different from general K-Pop market)  are also making waves and becoming a competitive force in foreign countries.

Already known for their record selling music as a group and solo artists on iTunesBig Bang received the award for “World Wide Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Big Bang, representing the Asia Pacific, was up against other global artists such as Lena representing Europe, Britney Spears representing North America, Abdelfattah Grini representing the Middle East andRestart representing Latin America. Competition seemed tough, but Big Bang came out on top. The fact that they surpassed Britney Spears in this category is a huge feat, and proves that K-Pop stars are no push overs in the global market. Although a scattered one, Big Bang’s achievement proves that K-Pop has a solid fan base all over the world.

On November 11 YG’s representative girl group 2NE1 received the honor of the “2011 Best New Band in the World” award at the MTV Iggy Awards. Starting in October, there was a six week voting process for world renown bands, and 2NE1, receiving the most number of popular votes dominated for the win. 

Similarly to Big Bang’s feat 2NE1 surpassed other global musicians that represented nine different countries such as America, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and Venezuela. Not only did fans from Korea pitch in to vote, but fans from all over the world made this possible for 2NE1. Most of 2NE1’s votes came from America and the Philippines, not Korea.

Big Bang and 2NE1 are both groups that have their own style of music and sense of expressing themselves, something that is different from the milieu of other K-Pop groups. They have something more to offer other than another group of cute and sexy girls/boys that come with catchy tunes.

Their achievements in the global market reached another milestone for K-pop as a whole, as well as open the world to a different face of K-Pop. The day K-Pop sits down with a confident niche in the global sphere doesn’t seem too far off.

All credits to Soompi 

[Video] Kara released Winter Magic MV teaser.

Check out the MV teaser of KARA’s new Japanese song Winter Magic!

[Dkp Survey] SNSD’s Jessica Vs KARA’s Gyuri,Who wore it better?

SNSD’s Jessica and Gyuri were spotted by fans wearing pink tops of the same design.

Jessica wore it when she appeared on the February edition of Singles Magazine while KARA’s Park Gyuri wore it on June edition of Instyle magazine.Who do you think wore it better?

Jessica or Gyuri?

Share your thoughts here!

Photo credits to Omonatheydidnt

[Video] Goo Hara’s killer wink in City Hunter’s trailer!

Goo Hara expressed her interest towards Lee Minho in City Hunter by showing him a cute wink but Lee Minho was not interested in Goo Hara at all,check out the video below for the funny scene!