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[NEWS] Happy Pledis 2012: Love Letter.

Happy Pledis purpose is to make a warm atmosphere for the cold winter, some of the album proceeds will be donated to UNICEF, to help many children.

All of Pledis Entertainment artists are going to be in the said album, After School, Son Dam Bi, Pledis Boys, Ara and Hyerim who is being prepared to debut in 2012, is already calling a lot of attention.

The album consist of many genres.

it is said that the composer for songs such as ‘Melody 9’ ‘Good Day’ and ‘Abracadabra’ that are popular hits in Korea composed the songs in the album. The title track is “Love Letter”.

Love Letter is a dance song with shy lyrics and heart warming with joyful melodies and wintery atmosphere. the song will show a close relationship between Son Dam Bi, After School, and also Pledis Boys.

meanwhile ‘겨울 이야기’ by Son Dam Bi, Kahi and Jungah will show exotic charms which is expected to attract many fans. there is also Orange Caramel with ‘어떤가요’ and After School’s ‘LOVE LOVE LOVE Remix’ which is more colorful and a bit faster than the original version.

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[NEWS] IU Reveals Her Comeback Teaser Photo

On the 17th of November, Loen Entertainment released IU‘s comeback teaser photo through their official Twitter, along with the message, “If you blink, you become an adult”.

The agency explained, “IU’s 2nd full length album will be an album that shows an IU who is currently standing on the border between the ages of 19 and 20. [The age 20 is a significant age in Korea, as it signals legal adulthood] We hope fans will look forward to and take interest in IU’s comback.”

IU’s upcoming album will be released on November 29, but the tracks will be unveiled on the 22nd.

[RUMOUR] DBSK Will Announce An Important Thing On March 28

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[RUMOUR] DBSK Will Announce An Important Thing On March 28

For all the DBSK fans out there, JYJ and TVXQ have both said the same thing.

They have said that they will announce an important thing on March 28 next year.

People kicked up a fuss in Korea today just because of this.

Because of their separation since 2010, all the Cassiopeia really hope that what they are going to announce is that they will come back as five again.

Always Keep The Faith, DongBangShinKi fighting~!

[NEWS] f(x)’s Amber Reveals Her Full Legal Name For The First Time

f(x)‘s member Amber Liu has become a hot discussion amongst netizens, as she revealed her full legal name on the episode of KBS‘s “Invincible Youth 2!” that was aired on the 12th of October.

The new G8 members had their first ever meeting together at the Daebudo village on the west coast of Korea. Considering the fact that they’re all comprised of members from all over the world, the older villagers had a hard time recognizing who was who. As such, the topic of their conversation turned to their names.

Sunny from SNSD, who uses an English name as her stage name, decided to go with her Korean name Sunkyu.

Amber, on the other hand, revealed for the very first time that her name in Chinese characters (Hanja) is actually Yoo Il Woon (劉逸雲). As a Taiwanese-American, she revealed that her full, legal name was Amber Josephine Liu.

“It sounds like the name of a village hyung that knows how to use his fists,” commented Lee Soo Geun upon hearing the confession.

Amber added, “I also have a Korean name that my friends in the States used to call me, which is Eunyoung.”

In related news, the episode kicked off to a smooth start as it recorded 7% in viewer ratings.

[Video] I guess u will love it ?

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I guess u will love it ?


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[News] Shinee to endorse Etude House with 2NE1’s Dara.

Here’s a news we received today! Starting from 2011.10 (Oct 2011) to 2012.10 (Oct 2012) period, in addition to Etude House’s spokesperson lovely Dara, will add another endorser and it’s none other than 5 handsome members from SHINee, there will be a lot of gifts for everyone! Shall we invite them to our Etude House Pink Party in Taiwan? Please look forward!


今日小編獲得最韓國新的確認情報!自2011.10~2012.10期間,ETUDE HOUSE的代言人除了可愛的Dara之外,再加入SHINEE五個俊帥大男孩兒,想必接下來一定有好多他們的贈品要送給大家!還是要邀請他們來台灣開開個ETUDE HOUSE粉紅派對呢?敬請大家用力期待喔!

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[Video] Kara released Winter Magic MV teaser.

Check out the MV teaser of KARA’s new Japanese song Winter Magic!