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[NEWS] Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s Report Card And Middle School Picture Revealed

Super Junior's Lee Teuk Reveals Middle School Picture and Report Card

Super Junior‘s leader Leeteuk was confirmed to be a “mother’s friend’s son” (a general term used to describe someone who is good-looking and also smart; a person that your mother always compares you to) during an episode “We Got Married“.

During this episode, which was aired on November 26, Leeteuk and Kang So Ra visited Leeteuk’s middle school. They spent some time talking about Leeteuk’s past school days. The faux couple also went to find Leeteuk’s homeroom teacher.

Then, Lee Teuk’s graduation photo and report card were revealed. Lee Teuk’s portrait showed a slightly nerdy but cute middle school student with big eyes, wearing glasses. Kang Sora playfully teased him for looking nerdy.

They proceeded to reveal Lee Teuk’s report card, which was filled with high marks. Lee Teuk, who was class president, also received an “English Excellence Award,” which confirmed that Lee Teuk did indeed have a nerdy side. To this, Kang Sora commented, “You were a ‘mother’s friend’s son!'” and continued to praise him, which made Lee Teuk shyly blush.

On the “Actions and Development” section of the report card, the teacher commented, “He is cheerful and active and has great leadership. Not only does he have leadership but he has great people skills as well.” Lee Teuk’s middle school teacher said, “He had leadership since he was a child – that is why he became a leader today.”

It’s no surprise that Lee Teuk was such a great student!



Super Junior Leeteuk has made an appearance on a news broadcast. On the 25th (of May), 《News Line》, which is aired on KBS 1TV, has once again analysed the Hallyu wave in Europe. On that day, Leeteuk became a representative of the Korean groups and delivered his viewpoints (on the matter) as a singer. On the day, when faced with the question about whether idol groups are artificial, Leeteuk answered that: “The kind of talks that idol groups are just like planned commodities are facts that cannot be denied. (But) through the experiences, the youngsters would gradually improve themselves little by little as they age further, hopefully everyone would give us their support.”, and that “Just like I have learned to grow up for 7 years, although I don’t have much experience, but at least I’ve learned about what I should do (in certain conditions).” Aside from that, he also pointed out that the most important trait that the new-generation idols should have is passion, “I believe that by waiting and working hard, it has allowed me to become successful. So I hope that they would be passionate (about what they do), and able to withstand the need to wait.” Leeteuk expressed on Twitter, saying that: “The first time an idol appeared on a live news broadcast! I was really nervous and trembling (a lot), but it was a really joyful time. I want to convey my word of thanks to a lot of people once again. (I) will become a person who is even more humble and hardworking.”

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET