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[NEWS] miss A’s Min To Miss Concert In Taiwan Due To Injury

It has been a rough couple week of weeks for idols as many of them suffered from injuries and problems. Earlier, After School‘s Juyeon had been hospitalized due to an acute inflammation of her kidney. KARA‘s Gyuri was diagnosed with vocal chord nodules and Secret‘s Hyosung injured both of her legs after falling down the stairs. This time, the mishaps continue as miss A‘s Min injured her neck causing her to miss the upcoming concert in Taiwan.

During her rehearsal, Min accidentally twisted and injured her neck. After getting attention from a doctor, she has been recommended to take some rest, and performing at this point would worsen her neck’s condition. In addition, Min updated her Twitter and wrote, “My neck is out…can’t lift my arms up..”, making her unable to attend their scheduled concert.

miss A alongside Super Juniorf(x) and 2PM will be having a joint concert in Taiwan. This is Taiwan’s largest Hallyu concert and will take place at K-Arena in Kaohsiung on November 26th. Despite Min’s absence, the remaining members of miss A will still attend and perform at the event.


[Video] Preview of Secret’s Madonna Japanese version revealed

Many Kpop groups are making their way to enter Japanese market. Girl group Secret isn’t an exemption.

Here’s a video clip showing Japanese version of “Madonna”. The concept is almost like the original. They sound amazing in Japanese aren’t they?

They will release their hit single “Madonna” in Japanese version on August 3rd.

[News] Kyunhun: “Having a girlfriend is a secret that i couldn’t tell.”

On May 24th, Super Junior-M came and visited Taiwan CTV’s program called Variety Big Brother (综艺大哥大 Zong Yi Da Ge Da). They sang Chinese songs and showed their talents to the audience.

Ryeowook sang Deng LiJun’s “我只在乎你 (I only care about you)”,he even recited all the lyrics without any reminder. Kyuhyun sang New Endless Love. Eunhyuk performed a dance show. Henry sang Wang Leehom’s “Juliet” and also played the violin & piano at the same time. Zhoumi sang Taiwanese song “Jia hou (家后)”. The MC introduced *Liyi and Jinglan to Ryeowook but Ryeowook said at once: “Thank you but I think I like FeiGe** more!” The MC said the girls in the studio should be very careful when speaking with Super Junior-M members in case that their fans will protest. He also said that Super Junior-M are so popular among their fans it must be very hard for them to have a girlfriend. Then Kyuhyun answered it quite liberally, he said it’s okay to know girls in the working places but when it comes to his private life, having a girlfriend is a secret that he couldn’t tell (he uses the famous movie of Jay Chou: 不能说的秘密 to answer this question)

* both are female artists 
** FeiGe = the MC’s name

Super Junior-M introduced themselves in Chinese at the begining, “I am your Sungmin!”, “Hello everyone, I am Eunhyuk, give me your telephone number.”, “Hello everyone, you are watching Guixian!” … Because Kyuhyun was the last who did the introduction, he said: “I am sad, because FeiGe (the MC) didn’t care about me at all.” However Eunhyuk was very sweet and said FeiGe looks like Maradona of Argentina (Soccer player/manager),and FeiGe smiled happily after hearing that.

source: Yahoo Entertainment News
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